27 December 2008

With the holidays behind you, time to plan that trip!

Phew.. the presents have been mostly unwrapped, put away, enjoyed, or put into the 'return/regift' pile. As the dust settles, we all start to feel like we need a vacation! Why not?? It's fun to plan one at least, and we think that the 'journey' is as much fun as the destination. At Kids Travel Happy, we have a few tools that make planning a trip an educational and fun experience for kids.

Here are a few picks from our site to get you and your kids thinking and learning about places to visit near and far.
1) This Land is Your Land - Laminated Wall Map of USA, by eeBoo

  • grommets for hanging on wall with string or nails, or thumb tacks
  • laminated for long time use
  • colorful with states and capitals labeled
  • shows unique features (plant, animal etc) for each state
  • comes with stickers so kids can label where they live, where grandma lives, where uncle lives, etc...
  • makes a great decoration in kids room, play room, for homeschooling and more
2) Traveling out of the country? Try eeBoo's Laminated Map of the World

  • similar features (colors, laminated, grommets) as above
  • has a separate legend explaining the world's landmarks, agriculture, natural resources, wildlife, industry
  • one corner dedicated to Biomes
  • one corner dedicated to the 7 wonders of the world
  • one corner dedicated to the solar system
  • one corner dedicated to the parts of the atmosphere
  • all of the world's countries listed around the edge of the map as well as on the map itself
  • great way to teach kids their 'place' in the world
3) Noom & Raj Start a Business - a kit to help children learn about Money
this tool kit includes

  • 3 MONEY BOXES - one each for Spending, Sharing, Saving
  • Moonjar band to hold the boxes together
  • a Passbook to keep track of where the money is going
  • a guide to teach how to save, and how to keep a passbook
  • a book with the story of Noom & Raj starting a business
  • This is an excellent way to have a child save their spending money for a trip, and to teach them the value of spending, sharing and saving

Please visit our website for more details, and other ideas (such as a book about 1000 Places to see before you Die) for trips and products to make it more enjoyable for everyone

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14 December 2008

We now have a Bethel, Maine Storefront!


It isn't EXACTLY how I written my business plan, but couldn't pass up an opportunity to give it a shot at a location shared with a well-established local Outdoor Business, TRUE NORTH Adventureware, on Route 26 just outside of downtown Bethel, Maine.

If you are in the area please stop in for last minute holiday gifts, get your hands on so
me of the things we carry online. We have a good selection of our online offerings, and several toys and games to try out. Or, you can shop the FULL selection ANYTIME at our website . If you are local (or know you will be passing through) you can save ALL shipping costs by selecting “Bethel Pickup” at checkout and pick up your order at our shop(196 Walkers Mills Rd) **our entrance is at the left side of the parking lot as you enter the lot – look for the yellow Kids Travel Happy banner over the door!

For now, I am trying to work out my 'one person operation' hours.
Currently, they are:

December 14th Sunday 12noon – 4:30PM
December 15th Monday CLOSED (OPEN by chance)
December 16th Tuesday CLOSED (OPEN by chance)
December 17th Wednesday 10AM-2PM
December 18th Thursday 10AM-2PM
December 19th Friday 12noon-2PM, 4PM-6PM
December 20th Saturday 12noon-6PM
December 21st Sunday 12noon-6PM
December 22nd Monday 12noon-6PM
December 23rd Tuesday 12noon-6PM
December 24th Wednesday 10AM – 1PM

The above are hours I can pretty much 'guarantee'. Please understand that I am trying to balance time between filling online orders and staffing a brand new storefront (and at present, these things are accomplished at different locations, which in time may change!). This is all a little over-whelming, exciting, a little scary, but mostly fun and challenging! Daily the store will have new things, and a new look.

Look for the OPEN flag at our entrance at other times, or call 207-357-1442 to confirm.


please visit the
website for post-Christmas Shop Hours and more info as the store develops and establishes itself in our community. Thank you for your support, and hope to see you online or in person!
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06 December 2008

Isn't this the coolest, craziest thing?


I recently ran across this on the web (another blog?), and couldn't resist contacting the company (Mommysentials) to be able to provide this on my site as a 'travel gear' option.

as mentioned in previous posts is foucused on providing high quality games, books, activities and toys for kids of all ages for travel, home, and gift-giving, but when we come across strikingly unique 'gear' products like this one, well, we can't resist.

What is this thing?? It's called the Mommysentials Babykeeper Basic. What does it do? Isn't it obvious? It allows Mom (or whoever is on 'solo' duty with the babe) to use a bathroom, grocery cart etc. in a way that keeps the young one safe, nearby and clean! We just feel this is brilliant. And, with highest regards for the creators, we must say this looks hilarious (the baby 'model' upper right is particularly adorable!).

From the Manufacturer "Finally, the answer for when the Mom (or Dad) on the go...
HAS GOTTA GO! The Babykeeper is the only portable, safe and sanitary
solution for what to do with your infant or toddler while
using public restrooms and fitting rooms."

The Babykeeper Basic® is a patent pending infant carrier style seat, that hangs from the stall wall in most public restrooms, and can also be used in many public fitting rooms.
- For babies 6-18 months, who can sit unassisted
- Simple to use harness system keeps baby securely in the carrier
- Made with only the finest materials, to ensure your child's safety
- 2 large metal hooks encased in safety webbing, each lined with non-slip material for added security
Durable and easy to clean nylon fabric
- Easy to use, and small enough to take everywhere you go

The Babykeeper® also provides you with a safer and more reliable means of restraining your child in a shopping cart. By using The Babykeeper® as a harness, you are making it practically impossible for your little one to climb out of their seat, thus preventing a fall

Visit our site to purchase, and pay only $6 flat rate shipping!

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