29 May 2010

Travel with a Pet

Yes, we are a site that focuses on keeping KIDS traveling happy, but having just adopted a 4 month old shelter pup (if you are in Maine, check out The Greater Androscoggin Humane Society in Lewiston.). Oh, her name is Moxy, and all we really know about her is that she's some sort of Black Lab mix.
Tips for ROAD TRIPS with DOGs: this was something we are very interested in, as our dog threw up on her first few road trips(that is, the hour home from the shelter, and just the 7 mile trip into town daily to drop our oldest son off at 1st grade)! We think this may have something to do with her 'transport' from a shelter in Tennessee to Maine, as it seems to be resolving itself now! (poor thing)

If you've had this problem, or worried about longer trips with a pet, we've hunted down some other general sources of info for traveling with a pet
Why have a dog (or other pet) you have to leave at home? Kids Travel Happy, pets travel happy, families travel happy. :-)
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15 May 2010

Garden Tools for On-The-Go

What a great time to teach kids about gardening? And, we have an inexpensive, kid-sized set of hand tools to help ease the process.

Set includes a trowel, shovel and rake, and each tool is approximately 8" in length. The handle is wood, and the 'ends' are colorfully painted metal.

We also like taking our set to the beach, sandbox or the park as well as tossing it in the wheelbarrow and taking the tools to the vegetable garden.

We feel if kids have their own 'tools' they will be eager to play outside during the soon-to-be-here summer break!
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08 May 2010

Yes and Know Invisible Ink Games

You remember the days, the back seat, nudging a sibling for the coveted "middle" part of the seat so you could comfortably tackle your 'invisible ink' activities. Those days are NOT over (well, maybe you are a prominent occupant of the FRONT seat), and you can share the fun and mystery of what this "magic pen" is all about.

We feel they are about as much fun as you can get for $2.25 (mini activity books such as BINGO, FLEET, MAZE, etc) up to $3.55 (for Rhyme, ABC, 123, and Occupation sets for 3 and up, and other Yes & Know for those 7 up to adult).

So much fun from a pen that doesn't even look like it will write! Won't leave a mess on skin, the car, the couch, a restaurant table, or the living room rug!
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01 May 2010

The Latest Craze?

OK, we're not that much (maybe a LITTLE) into crazes, etc... but, these were hard to resist, and my kids think they are pretty cool (and, in the end, THEY are my audience).

Just arrived at KidsTravelHappy.com, SHAPED rubber band. WHAT you may say (if you are anything like me). Rubberbands are oval-shaped, right? Well, apparently NOT anymore.

Check out the shaped rubberbands that we have, which, frankly, don't really get used as rubberbands all that much.

Here's what we've used them for
  • storytelling
  • the car set makes a great scene
  • if one is careful, they can be traced
  • bracelets
  • oh, and in a pinch can be used for whatever regular (boring) rubberbands do
They pack a lot of punch in a 12-pack and each 12-pack comes with 2 each of 6 designs. Yes, they sound a little silly, but you'll really be able to stretch a lot of activities out of them, pun intended!
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