20 November 2010

Kids first BACKPACKING Trip

Another way to have "kids travel happy"...... last weekend we hiked into a cabin near Jackson, NH, with our two boys, my Mom, and her partner, Lynn (and Moxy, our pup). It was what we like to think of as a perfect introduction to backpacking.
First of all, the cabin is a gem, it sleeps 8, and although uninsulated, has a wood stove, which made it toasty, even on a cool mid-November night.

We DID have to carry sleeping pads, sleeping bags, food, cook-stoves, cook pots, utensils & bowls, etc., but because the hike was less than 1.5 miles each way, we also carried a box of wine, our knitting (well, my mom and I) and enough food for more than the one night we stayed there.

The kids (4 and 7 years old) each had their own "packing list" and had to carry their spare clothes, toothbrush, hat, gloves, flashlight, book & one activity of their choice.

We enjoyed reading the journal entries of past visitors in the cabin,
as well as eating our "cabin made" tasty pesto, roasted red pepper, artichoke, black olive, parmesan cheese pasta! For dessert? Starbucks via decaf and biscotti from Trader Joe's! Oh yes, we were 'roughing' it!

It was a beautifully, clear night and we had fun with the Star Charts and studying the constellations. Dylan, our 7-year old was particularly into this!

The next morning we warmed up with Old Fashioned Oatmeal, and a loop hike to the summit of Black Mountain and a beautiful view of Mt Washington - the northeast's highest (and a little snowy!) peak at 6288' above sea level.
We knew the trip was a success as on the way down, our 4-year old said "my favorite thing to do outside is to hike, and to stay at THAT cabin".
Want more info about these Forest Service Cabins? At only $20 per night up to 8 people, they are a bargain! And, dogs allowed!!

Fun for all, nothing plugged in, and time for knitting and cribbage playing (by gas latern, of course)
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13 November 2010

Giveaways... you could win

We're sponsoring a few giveaways in the upcoming weeks.

Currently, you can win a TRUNKI on Living My MoMent (contest #21)
And, you could win a Go Baggie Backpack or a Plan Toy Wooden Fruit and Veggie Set from Momma Told Me.
Good luck and stay tuned for more things to win!
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06 November 2010

Go fly a kite with the WHOLE Family

It's nearing the holiday season, and if your family is like mine, as the shorter days of winter approach, you are looking for a way to keep the TV off and the brains growing! My kids LOVE puzzles (as do I), but we always run into the issue of which puzzle to do, seeing as 'my' puzzles are a bit too challenging and sometimes frustrating for my 4 and 7 year old boys, and 'their' puzzles, well, they don't really WANT my help!

To the rescue.... the Ravensburger FAMILY puzzle. It has 3 sections, with 3 different sized pieces, for variety of ages, starting at 4 years of age. These 3 sections all interlock, making it the PERFECT family puzzle. Fun, fun!! We love it, and everyone is happy!

Keep your eyes on Ravensburger Puzzles at Kids Travel Happy! Soon to come are 'puzzle balls' for fun, holiday decor, even a functional globe (over 500 pieces!!)
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