30 December 2010

The (LOST?) Art of Letter Writing

The holidays have come and gone. Our kids are still having fun discovering all of the things they had so little time to look at during the actual 'unwrapping frenzy' that is Christmas morning. It's so fun to watch them build, play, and learn with thoughtful gifts from Santa, family and friends.

Now, however, before it becomes too far in the past, I want the boys to write their "thank you" cards, and to learn that the good 'old fashioned' (!?) tradition of letter writing (NOT email, NOT a form letter typed as a Word Doc etc...) can be as fun for the sender as well as the receiver.

At KidsTravelHappy.com we have a couple of kits that make this fun and easy for kids to do. (as shown above in the same order from left to right as listed below)
  • Little Letters from Klutz: comes with paper and envelopes to punch out, a template to make more folding envelopes, stickers, instructions on "how to write a note" and so much more, for those aged 4 and up
  • Hey Thanks from Chronicle Books: come with hundreds of stickers, fun instructions, cards & envelopes, address booklet - everything to make THANK YOU card writing fun, for ages 5 to 12 years
  • Hey Ugly from Chronicle Books and Pretty Ugly, LLC: a fold and mail stationery kit, 40 sheets with 5 different designs, simple write, moisten, fold and stamp - for all ages of Ugly fans
All of these sets will make THANK YOU writing fun and not a chore, and just imagine the thrill of the recipient to get a real, touchable piece of mail! These also make great kits for thanking a family member or friend for a fun visit!
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