14 December 2009

A great way to measure kids' growth

I just have to share these photos because they are so fun, and because although I can't recall where I initially saw the idea, I think it's worth passing on.

When your kids are young, buy a t-shirt that they someday will fit into. Each year take a photo of them in the shirt(s) and watch the changes, in the kids, especially relative to the shirt.

The year our youngest was born, 2006, I had a good friend raising money to climb Mt. Everest (our 2nd child's middle name as well!). As a fundraiser, he sold the shirts that our boys have in the photos below.
  • 1st photo from 2006
  • 2nd from 2007
  • 3rd from 2009 (yes, we missed 2008... where does the time go)
I think this would be a fun thing to start anytime with growing kids, and why not use a fun tshirt from your (their!) travels!
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