28 May 2011

Rexlace - What is this stuff??

Often called Boondoggle, gimp or plastic lacing, this 'rexlace' can provide hours of on-the-go bracelet, or other 'gadget' creation. This also makes a great party favor gift, as you could cut a few colors into shorter lengths and give away multi-colored sets (or, frankly, at 69 cents a 'color' it is quite affordable to have several colors on hand!)

More details?
  • each 'clump' is 177 inches (13 feet)
  • comes with a lanyard snap (clip on your keychain, make a zipper-pull etc.)
  • assortment of 12 colors
  • made by Pepperell for Toysmith
  • fits in a pocket, backpack or palm of your hand!
  • for ages 6 and up
Our favorite site to learn how to make really cool things with this stuff.
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14 May 2011

Chess - Perfect for Kids On-the-Go

Keep your kids UNPLUGGED with these Chess sets. The Kids Book of Chess Set and has everything needed to develop the next Grand Master.
  • game board showing each piece's move
  • sturdy pieces with storage box
  • easy to follow instructions
  • fully illustrated
Don't want to set this up for travel? Study the book and get a magnetic chess board to withstand sharp corners or a little airplane turbulence. This Chess set from Magnetic Poetry has small but secure pieces, and zips for safe transport. Case measures approx 6" x 6" x 1.5" and fits in any travel bag, or the pocket on the back of a carseat. These also make great games for gift giving, play at home, rainy days, or teacher classroom supplies.

Check out MORE magnetic games HERE.
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07 May 2011

Masterpiece (Finger Puppet) Theatre

All the World's a Stage! With this extraordinary kit you can dramatize the most memorable scenes in all of theatre. This set is boxed and ready to hit the road, the air, the imagination, the classroom, or any other place. It includes 60 finger puppet cards, stand up sets, and a folio of classic scenes.The folio provides a fun way to learn about Shakespeare, or close the folio and just make up your own scripts!

The whole set packs in the box-set it comes in, ready to create, playwright and perform anywhere. Also a perfect set for the classroom. Recommended for those 11 and up, or any age with the guidance of an adult or older child.

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