25 February 2010

Toy Fair Memorable Encounters

I must say, there were many fun people that I met at the Toy Fair, and I frequently find that it's the smaller companies that i'm generally attracted to, as I feel as though they are much like me (or, at least what we strive to be at KidsTravelHappy.com). Ideally, I want to conduct business the Old Fashioned way - provide innovative products, fast/fair shipping, and extraordinary customer service. Through the next few posts, I want to highlight some companies that took extra time to show/explain their product, and made me want to support their businesses even more (hopefully, you will want to also!).

First I would like to thank the Happy Kid Company, a company that is committed to the Specialty Toy Market. They perfer to produce locally, have a top quality product in smaller quantities (and smaller markets), and are not yet tempted by the idea of rapid growth/distribution.

What does the Happy Kid Company produce? Only the coolest 'fort' components imaginable.

ALL of their 'fort' options are great because they can be used indoors or out, promote creativity and imagination, are very high quality, washable, and we love that they are easily portable. More specifically, these are the offerings....

  • The Original Fortamajig Single Layer: this is an 8x8 foot square of durable material. With a built in window and door, it's easy for kids to make custom playspaces (nearly anywhere!)
  • The Original Fortamajig Reversible: same as above but is a double layer/double color construction, for even more durability and fort making color options
  • The Original Fortamajig Connectables
    This is the ultimate in travel fun, comes in it's own ready to go backpack with 6 colorful squares, the Connectables allow you to have fort-making tools anywhere - for sunny days, or rainy ones.
Best of all, for 2010, the prices for each of the items has gone down, further proof that this company is determined to provide a high quality product for a fair price.

One of our top picks for "imaginary journeys", yet easy enough to take along on any "real" one.
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16 February 2010

Trunkis Turn Heads during Airport Travel

We purchased Trunkis originally for our boys for a train trip one Summer, and with our recent trip to New York City so I could attend the Toy Fair, there was a renewed interest in their 'ride-on' luggage.

Little did we know the attention they would draw! Currently, the two that we have (above) are NOT available (as they are being improved with additional features from the original versions), but we do have Harley the LADYBUG, and TIPU the Tiger on order and expected to arrive the week of February 22nd. Look for Terrance (BLUE - as pictured with one of our sons above) and Trixie (PINK) as well as a BUMBLEBEE to arrive later this Spring.

Features as listed by the Manufacturer
Carry handle - quick to grab for a departure gate dash
Locking catches - stop toys falling into the wrong hands
Key - fixed to strap so it never gets lost
Teddybear seatbelts - strap in the toys and stop them tumbling out
Internal pouch - for keeping little things tucked away and easy to find
Horn grips - take control, grab the horns and steer your Trunki
Stabilizers - prevent over-excited tots from toppling off
Integrated wheels - extra wide wheel base for superb cornering
Comfortable saddle - rest tired legs in queues
ID tag - just in case your Trunki or tot get lost
Towing handle - keep the kids in tow whilse carrying your own hand luggage
Strong hooks - tow several tots at a time!
Strap - throw over shoulder if you’re in a rush

Our boys (3 and 6) had a great time waiting for our checked luggage, as they cruised around on their Trunkis while we waited. We were thankful they had that distraction, not to mention that they then became in charge of their own inflight activities that kept them "traveling happy. We also could pull them along and keep them close when the airport 'traffic' was more congested, which was also comforting.

Contact us if you'd like one reserved! They retail for $49.99(solid colors) and $59.99 (animals), and are eligible toward our $99 and up FREE shipping offer. Also look for some fun new accessories for these (arriving soon!).
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04 February 2010

Doodles ALL the way....

Next time you pack up your kids for a trip, why not equip them with 'doodle' activities. They allow for guided creativity, and plenty of open-ended fun!

We think we have found some of the best ones out there.
Here they are in brief:

  • Scribble & Doodle: perfect for the youngest 'doodlers', includes finger crayons! ($9.95)
  • Hypotrochoid: a portable spirograph kit, small enough to take anywhere, but big on unique designs ($5.95)
  • Doodle Balls: a self-contained magnetic activity to test the imagination as well as the hand-eye coordination.($1.99)
More Info on all of these items

So, give it a try, we think your kids will LOVE 'doodling all the way'!

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