30 October 2010

We've got 'em, your kids will love 'em

After a LOOOOOOONG wait, the NEW and improved (USA made!) Trunkis have arrived and they are colorful, fun, and a great new price (only $39.99 each!)
What is this TRUNKI you may ask? It's a piece of luggage, a tow-behind ride on toy, or a self-propelled 'time user-upper' in the airport.
Other features include:
  • a comfortable saddle (especially if you buy the Saddle Bag Accessory! in blue or pink)
  • integrated wheels and 'horn grips'
  • interior straps to organize contents
  • extra wide wheel base for cornering and stability
  • airline approved for carry-on (NOT recommended for checked luggage)
  • great for storing toys, snacks and other kid-travel essentials
  • safe, strong and durable (used for my boys up to 7 years of age!)
  • child can ride on OR be pulled
  • eliminates airport boredom and fatigue from child walking (you WILL get looks of envy from other adults AND kids!!!!)
  • for ages 3 to 6 (depending on child's size)
  • the ultimate way to make sure your "KIDS TRAVEL HAPPY" :-)
We think this is a really cool item, now manufactured in the USA by Melissa & Doug. Would look perfect for the holidays, or for that holiday trip! Worth every penny, in our opinion!

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20 October 2010

We're TWO Years Old....

Today (the 20th of October) marks TWO YEARS since we launched our website (and I realize how much my boys have grown!) . We are thankful as a business to have weathered this economy and look forward to continued growth.

In celebration, we are putting all PLAN TOYS 25% OFF now through October 31st. Plan Toys is one of our favorite companies for so many reasons, fro
m the quality of their products to the support they offer their retailers! Just in, Road & Rail Sets that will look great under the holiday tree! Start your shopping now, and we think you'll agree with why we like these products so much.

Also check out new PreSchool items such as Bee Hive, Fruit & Veggie Set,
and Shape & Sort It Out.

And, don't forget all those cute little things,
just the right size for stockings, like the wooden mushroom kaleidoscope.
Too small for you? Well, there are BIG trucks too
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14 October 2010

Take your SHOW on the Road

Here's the situation, you have a tween, who insists on plugging their earbuds in, and passing the multi-hour road trip in his/her own head.... well, we think all minds grow better with creativity, learning and performance. Just in - many books & activities from KLUTZ to pass the time and open the mind (and do NOT take batteries, just a little brain power). With this Klutz Book of Magic, think of the fun your kid will have upon the return of their road trip, showing off all of their new 'tricks' (pun intended).
Highlights of this Book:
  • it's the best-selling magic book in print!
  • comes with 5 props including chrome ring, nylon cord, silk scarf (and two they don't let us mention!?)
  • 34 tricks with detailed instructions
  • spiral bound book
  • for ages 8 and up (fun for adults too!)
Check this and many other sets for older kids for travel or holiday giving!
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06 October 2010

Card Capsules To Go

We LOVE these card sets for kids. Not only are they many of the classics (Spit, Go Fish, Old Maid, Slap Dragon) or "Tastes Like Chicken" a game of funny animals, they each come in a 'click' case, ready to go anywhere.
The fact that these (aside from TASTES LIKE CHICKEN) have an oval/unique shape, make them much easier for young hands to hold. Your kids still having trouble? Try our handy card holder it works like a 'charm'.

All of these sets are great for the whole family, and start a lifelong love for unplugged games. They also pack easily and safely in any purse (or jacket pocket) for that unexpected LONG wait at a restaurant, airport or doctor's office.
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