12 November 2011

Enter to win from KidsTravelHappy

AND, up to 19 other prizes.  Not only are we part of the Mommy Perks Holiday Guide, we have donated a prize toward the Mommy Perks Holiday 2011 Giveaway; a great way to win some gifts for the holiday season, and learn about small, women owned companies on the web!

We're giving away a Plan Toy Shape and Sort it Out set (or, a $20 gift certificate)

Check out the other companies and items HERE.  Choose only those items you can use or are interested in winning.  Good Luck and Happy Holidays.

Remember at www.KidsTravelHappy.com we have 99 cent (per item) holiday gift wrapping, competitive shipping rates and FREE Shipping (in US) with any order over $99.

We have hundreds of items under $10 for school gift exchanges or for filling stockings; or shop the under $5 for quality, economical choices for travel or gift-giving.

Lastly, don't forget to check out the guide in the post below and find a coupon code to save even more on our site.
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05 November 2011

We're part of the Gift Guide

Yes, we are a small business, and we appreciate every one of our customers.  Because we are small, we are also (have to be) very selective about where we advertise.  

This year we are proud to be part of the Mommy Perks Holiday Guide, and among many other top-quality Mom-owned businesses.

Of course we want you to think small busines, and remind you that your dollar has a much greater impact on independent business than it does on the 'BIG' stores out there.  Just something to think about.  The difference in a $1 or $2 will result in much better customer service, quick shipping and personal care given to your order.

We hope you will support Kids Travel Happy and many other small business in the Holiday Guide or in your local area.

This guide is FULL of great ideas, and lots of savings.  Browse thru to find a coupon for 25% off any order at Kids Travel Happy of at least $25.  Always FREE shipping on orders $99 and up (US addresses), and only 99 cents per item for holiday gift wrap!

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22 October 2011

Save their teeth!

A few things to put in those trick-or-treaters bags that won't ruin their teeth!

Wikki Stix:  $0.50 per 8-pack



Mini Clay Pack
: 6-pack of colors for $0.79   

Slinky:  small plastic "Magic Springs" are only $0.99; large are $1.99

Shaped Rubber Bands:  buy a pack and give out 2 or 3 at a time.  We've reduced them from $2.99 a pack to $1.29 (12 per pack)

More Ideas?? 

Search our site by $5 and under, and give something out at Halloween that CANNOT be eaten :-)
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08 October 2011

Bop it to 'Em

They weigh less than a pound (including the box!), pack easily, and pack a LOT of (somewhat) safe PUNCH!  Hours of fun with these Soccer Boppers from Schylling Toys - a classic toy that has withstood the change of times.

They come as a pair (although the box shows a friendly 'match' of 2 pairs) and can be taken anywhere or used for all kinds of fun BOPPING at home!  We suggest taping out a 'ring' and letting kids have fun with the boppers.  Make up your own rules to keep things fun and safe, and we suggest adult supervision.

These make a great holiday gift for a kid or for those that are kids at heart! 

A fun way for kids to take out their frustrations:  let them punch the couch, put up your hands as target - endless ways to avoid them taking it out on their siblings! 

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01 October 2011

Rake into FALL ...

Can it really be OCTOBER?  Where did September go?  Kids in school, leaves falling, and snow will soon be in the forecast (NOT quite ready for that!). 

We're enjoying the last of the items from our garden (corn, carrots, herbs, kale....), and so are the kids, as they are equipped with kid-sized things to help harvest and help collect those falling leaves into 'fun to dive into' piles of leaves.
Choose from the approx 27" tools above for $5.99 each.

Or, from the set of 3 hand tools all for $5.99.  The kids will have so much fun, they won't even realize that they are 'working'.  The Hand Tools are especially good for travel, and make great beach toys too!
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23 September 2011

Munchkin Stroller Cup Holder PERFECT for Crutches!

Almost 2 weeks ago, I broke my fibula, the skinny bone on the outside of your leg (long story, but in a nutshell, I was trail running at a Ski Resort and my right side went into a 6 FOOT hole, and my left foot did not, and snapped.  I thought originally was a sprain, but x-rays the next day proved otherwise). 

ANYWAY, why am I telling you this?  NOT for sympathy, seriously, it's OK, I'm bummed about it, but focused on recovering quickly and safely.

However, I have found that hopping around on crutches brings it's challenges, especially for a coffee drinker!  I was searching the internet about a week ago, for a way to carry a cup and/or water bottle without having to "wear" it.  The Munchkin Stroller Cup Holder came up and I thought to myself, hey, MY company sells that.  So, into my office (and some of my backstock) I went, and picked one out.  It took about a minute to figure out how to put it on (actually, disassembling the packaging was more time consuming than putting on my crutch!).  Here it is with my water bottle in it at the gym....
Pretty slick, eh?  If it works this well with a crutch, I'm sure it works great for a stroller, or anything with a 'tube' (horizontal, vertical or any angle in between), and the cup holder is self leveling, and can be removed from the mount when I don't want it sticking out in the way, empty.
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10 September 2011

1000 Places to See Before you Die

Want to go somewhere but need some inspiration?  This book has nearly 1000 pages with 1000 places and ideas for you - some on and some off the beaten track.  An adventure (or less of one) for everyone included.

"At last, a book that tells you what's beautiful, what's fun and what's just unforgettable - everywhere on earth." - Newsweek

Features of the book, organized by continent include the following;

  • sacred ruins
  • grand hotels
  • wildlife preserves
  • hilltop villages
  • snack shacks
  • castles
  • festivals
  • reefs
  • restaurants
  • cathedrals
  • reeefs
  • hidden islands
  • museums
  • opera houses
  • and more
The book supplies all of the 'modern' resources so that you don't have to 'leave your home' until you've made ALL the plans - the author includes websites, phone, fax, and the best times to go to each of the 1000 places.

Start your list and start checking them off!  And, give your kids a head start on seeing the world ASAP.

Need MORE ideas??  Check out 1000 Place to see in the USA and Canada (the above version is for the WORLD.
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03 September 2011

Back to School ?! Already?

Yes, I now have 2 boys in school, one just starting Kindergarten and one in 3rd grade (when did THAT happen?!).  
These Mini Lunch Notes (now that we're making TWO each morning) are a really fun way to brighten up lunch making AND lunch eating.  For your 'readers' you can write little notes on the included small cards, and for those not reading so much, you can give the kid's snacks eyes, noses, lips and make funny faces.  Lots of fun! 

I don't set the expectation that these notes will go in each day, but try to do it randomly enough that it's still special and often a surprise.  A simple way to let your child know you are thinking of them.  Also make a great insert for little travelers!
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19 August 2011

S'mores: a simple unplugged memory in the making

One of the greatest things to do with kids over the summer is to go camping (or RVing, which is fun too!).  As part of a little RV trip recently to Vermont, we made it a point to build a fire (which, if you asked our boys, was arguably as much fun as the s'more eating!!); and got out our telescoping marshmallow roasting sticks (although it's fun to 'cut' some from the woods, please take stuff that has already fallen from a tree!).  You can check out the 'roasters' we use (also good for hot dogs) HERE.

This is something our boys always LOVE to do: the wood arrangement/gathering, the fire building, the attempts to master the art of 'browning' and NOT burning the marshmallows. And, equally importantly, the proper assembly of the S'more itself.  Total cost (less the roasting sticks) about $10 for a big supply of chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers.

Not traveling?  Find an old wheel rim, clear the foliage around the rim, dig a little hole in the center, and you have your self-made, backyard fire pit!  No backyard??  Well, skip the roasting and jump ahead to just the assembly - cracker, chocolate squares, marshmallow (2 actually), cracker, and then warm in a microwave or toaster oven until the marshmallow just starts to heat (otherwise, it may get too hot for the youngest of consumers!).  Yum, yum, and don't forget to have the kids make one for you!!

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11 August 2011

Montshire Museum of Science

We recently got back from a trip to Quechee, Vermont, where we were pleasantly surprised at ALL of the really great things to do there with kids.  First of all, we stayed at the Quechee Pine Valley KOA Kampground (yes, they spell anything they can with a 'K' instead of a 'C'), and were very happy with the place.  We had a nice site, right next to the playgound (site 20 on Map), pool, and the fenced in area where our dog could run 'leashless' - how sweet is that??

We also have dear friends in the area, who we met up with 4 days while we were staying there.  Ticket to a smooth, kid meltdown-minimized time?  Gear the activities around them.  Thus, "the Montshire", where our friends have an annual pass and where my older son claims that "if we lived there, we'd HAVE to have a pass too".
Here's my husband and youngest son playing in one of the many bubble making tubs.  What we (as adults) loved about this place is that everything is interactive (and, despite some NOT-so gentle use by some kids there - EVERYTHING works and is well kept), and even though some of the things might not totally be understood by our kids, someday, they will reflect on how 'the bubbles'(for example) happen (because of surface tension)?!  Many of the displays illustrate complicated concepts in simple forms, helping to prove the importance of experiential, hands-on, away-from-the-books learning.
The other beauty of visiting Montshire during the summer, is the extensive outdoor 'water and how it moves' activity area - a perfect way to take the kids energy (and 'heat') outdoors for play and experimentation.  Here my boys attach various pipes together to channel water in different directions, or make it sprinkle, or spin and more.  A great way to stay cool and learn.  We were here for hours and could easily go back several days without seeing and interacting with everything.  AND, there displays change occasionally keeping frequent visits interesting.

If you are ever in the area, we highly recommend this Museum, or search your travel destination for Children's Museums - the perfect way to keep kids traveling happy!
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30 July 2011

A fun day on the Tuckaseegee River, NC

On a recent trip to western North Carolina, we took our boys whitewater paddling.  Because kids have to be 9 years old (and ours are 5 and 8) to go on the Nantahala River (with Class III rapids) we opted for the Tuckaseegee, a fun, but somewhat tame Class I-II river for all ages fun.
We went with Tuckaseegee Outfitters (owned by a friend of ours, James); and all we had to do is show up in our swimsuits and we were outfitted with paddles, boats, PFDs, a safety talk, and a shuttle to the put-in.

This was great fun for our group, which included another family as well.  The perfect way to introduce kids to the fun and power of water!
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16 July 2011

The Trunki Train ...

While typically, we sell these TRUNKIs to those 3-6 years old, here are my boys, ages 5 and 8 riding their TRUNKIs (which they have had for 3 years) while 'Daddy' pulls them through the Charlotte Airport.  We surely got some looks - envious ones from other kids (and adults who were trying to carry THEM!)  It was pretty darn cute, and proves the longevity of these ride on luggage items for kids.  

Here's our youngest son, hamming it up 

More info on our TRUNKIs and ALL of the fun color options HERE  (which are currently on SALE!)
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05 July 2011

When it's good to FIDGIT.

Need something to keep little (or BIG!) hands occupied?  We have some great 'fidget' toys - packable, and ready to use anywhere.

First, the Tangle Jr. from Toysmith, a plastic multi-segmented toy that twists, bends, and morphs into many shapes (not to mention looks different in daylight, night time and BLACK light!).  The pieces come apart so there are endless possibilities for 'fidgeting'.  When connected it is 7" in length, but when disconnected it can stretch to 15".  In fact, if  you buy more than one Tangle Jr. it can  connect into even MORE possibilities.

Secondly, is the 12-segmented, multi-colored cube wooden fidget toy also from Toysmith. (this does NOT come apart).  It has an elastic in the center allowing it to bend into many 'cube' configurations. It's slightly smaller at total maximum length of 6".  A great toy for teaching geometry (kids won't even know!!)

Fidget toys make excellent travel activities and provide a great way to busy impatient traveling hands!
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11 June 2011

The Plane Trip - a few essentials

We find the easiest way to pack for a trip is to keep every list you ever make when you pack (you are making one, right??). I keep an Excel spreadsheet, with a basic packing list - each member of the family gets a column, and a vertical list of things to pack. Each time we go on a new trip, I copy and edit to meet the needs of the specific trip. After a while, I just have to print "RV Trip for one Week Packing List" (or whatever) and go, fine tuning and adding any revisions or notes after the trip! It's a little work to get started, but once you get that first one typed in, I PROMISE, it will save you time, and save you from forgetting things.

Here are a few things on our packing list for a plane trip, thankfully, this one was a non-stop, 2.25 hour trip, so not a ton of stuff we need to pack for the plane trip itself (although, my boys LOVE to pack way too many things in their TRUNKIs!)

The Packing List: a few things we can't do without on a plane carryon (and this is NOT complete, just some top items not to be forgotten, in our opinion)
  • recloseable bags: for loose pieces, unfinished LEGO building, unfinished snacks, wet stuff, you get the idea
  • extra set of clothes (kids and you): we've gotten away from this lately as our boys are 5 and 8, and tend to have less accidents and spill, so I'm probably jinxing myself by saying this! But totally recommended especially for new parents!
  • Games: Card Games, Watergames, handheld/self-contained games (try not to use that SMARTPHONE, unless really desperate)
  • Toys: we always struggle for games that have longevity on trips, we find the Magnetic GoGames really good, along with the Yes & Know Ink Games, basically something that has variety, and can offer a range of entertainment levels Pen/Pencil activities: one can never fail with some paper and pens, markers or crayons, invaluable
  • Books: either for the kids to read on their own, or interactive books for younger (nonreading) travel companions
  • Multi-Use Craft Tray: THE ticket to not losing your things to the floor on the plane or during unexpected turbulence
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Trunki: it's a legal carry-on size, allows kids to pack 'anything that will fit', and offers something to play on/with during those unforeseen delays!
Remember, the more you have your kids entertained, the better chance you can read your book or magazine etc.

When "Kids Travel Happy" adults can too!!
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04 June 2011

Planning for a flight with kids

Recently, we were planning to go on a trip to North Carolina (our old stomping grounds), and we realize our strategy for flying (which, when it was just the 2 of us, was cheap as possible), has changed now that we have two kids in tow.

I thought we should share a few things to consider about flight planning(some are obvious, but we find it's always good to have a reminder)

Time of Day: what is the best time for YOUR kids. Our experience is that waking our kids up to catch a flight (early AM) works OK, but betting on them sleeping on a late night flight does NOT usually work for us. It's also important to remember that late night flights can be delayed INTO the next day (nightmare!!). Meal times are another factor to consider when flying with kids also - especially with the lack of 'amenities' on flights these days.

Non-stop: always worth it if not too expensive. We love not having to worry about missing connections (especially ones with short layovers), and the earlier in the day that the flight is, the less chance it's delayed.

Price: We'd be lying if we were to say price does NOT play into our decision, but with travel with kids, there are some things worth a little extra. We always consider nearby airports (our kids do well in a car too), as well as the schedules, days of travel etc.. We feel each family should weigh the pros and cons of the cheapest option vs. the pricier ones, or which of the one(s) in between offer a good cost/benefit ratio.

Rental vehicle: We recommend shopping before hand. Once you are at your destination, they have a 'captive' (desparate!) audience. I often search on sites like Expedia.com and Obitz.com; find the cheapest deal (for the smallest vehicle that is still appropriate) and then go directly to that company's site to see if I can get it even cheaper. Don't forget to search for those COUPON CODES!!

With airlines charging for anything extra(so it seems) these days, we are often forced to think about what we have room to bring, what we may be able to borrow (from friends?), and what we can rent for cheaper than/similar to paying for an extra piece of luggage.
For example, we usually bring the bottom part of our kids booster seats (they are 5 and 8), as this lower part fits in checked baggage pretty easily. However, if you have toddlers or babies, sometimes its easier to just add this on to your car rental. We recommend researching the kid car seat laws of where you are traveling to. You can search the web, or try these for starters.....

Other things we try to borrow/rent include kid's backpack carriers (these are bulky). however, we always pack our own Ergo Carrier, as we can carry either kid in this piggy back style. SUPER-handy.

There are many companies that specialize in renting baby gear, whether you are staying at a hotel/motel or a rental home or a relative's home. Check out companies like JETSETBABIES for delivery to wherever is most convenient!

Next post we'll discuss planning activities etc. for the trip itself!
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28 May 2011

Rexlace - What is this stuff??

Often called Boondoggle, gimp or plastic lacing, this 'rexlace' can provide hours of on-the-go bracelet, or other 'gadget' creation. This also makes a great party favor gift, as you could cut a few colors into shorter lengths and give away multi-colored sets (or, frankly, at 69 cents a 'color' it is quite affordable to have several colors on hand!)

More details?
  • each 'clump' is 177 inches (13 feet)
  • comes with a lanyard snap (clip on your keychain, make a zipper-pull etc.)
  • assortment of 12 colors
  • made by Pepperell for Toysmith
  • fits in a pocket, backpack or palm of your hand!
  • for ages 6 and up
Our favorite site to learn how to make really cool things with this stuff.
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14 May 2011

Chess - Perfect for Kids On-the-Go

Keep your kids UNPLUGGED with these Chess sets. The Kids Book of Chess Set and has everything needed to develop the next Grand Master.
  • game board showing each piece's move
  • sturdy pieces with storage box
  • easy to follow instructions
  • fully illustrated
Don't want to set this up for travel? Study the book and get a magnetic chess board to withstand sharp corners or a little airplane turbulence. This Chess set from Magnetic Poetry has small but secure pieces, and zips for safe transport. Case measures approx 6" x 6" x 1.5" and fits in any travel bag, or the pocket on the back of a carseat. These also make great games for gift giving, play at home, rainy days, or teacher classroom supplies.

Check out MORE magnetic games HERE.
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07 May 2011

Masterpiece (Finger Puppet) Theatre

All the World's a Stage! With this extraordinary kit you can dramatize the most memorable scenes in all of theatre. This set is boxed and ready to hit the road, the air, the imagination, the classroom, or any other place. It includes 60 finger puppet cards, stand up sets, and a folio of classic scenes.The folio provides a fun way to learn about Shakespeare, or close the folio and just make up your own scripts!

The whole set packs in the box-set it comes in, ready to create, playwright and perform anywhere. Also a perfect set for the classroom. Recommended for those 11 and up, or any age with the guidance of an adult or older child.

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30 April 2011

Knitting on the Go

Why not pass the time flying, driving, riding to your next destination by knitting (or, learning to knit!)?

For the youngest of aspiring handy-workers, the French Knitting Flower ($7.95) from International Playthings is a great way to get a feel for yarn and needle and stitches to make a creation of on
e's own.

For the bit older kids, (or an adult) the complete Knit-It kit is equipped to help you make your own (adorable pic!) Monkey. Finished size measures 16" x 4" when 'standing tall'. Kit contains instructions, stuffing, yarn, scarf yarn in 6 colors, needles, darning needle and other adornments. Detailed instructions explain knitting as well as what to do with the box that it comes in! Keep little or big hands busy for miles and miles and hours and hours! And, as a bonus, there is a new traveling companion when project is completed.

This info is not from KidsTravelHappy.com but as a knitter as well, I'd like to share this
great link for the Moms (or Dads). From Interweave Press "6 tips and tricks for knitting on-the-go", so once you get your little one(s) going with one of the projects above, you can enjoy your own!
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23 April 2011

Garden Time !?

Despite the fact that it's snowing here today (ARGH!!), the day before EASTER, we are thinking garden, putting (organic) manure on our plot and we have thoughts of GREEN grass, not just that in the Easter Baskets!

To gear up for planting (OUTSIDE!), we have stocked up on the necessary gardening tools, sized just for kids and priced economically just for our customers!

(hoe, leaf race, garden rake, garden spade)

Hand tools measure approx 8" in length; Other 'tools' are approx 27.5" in height.

ALL have wooden handles and metal ends.
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16 April 2011

25% off 36-hours ONLY

We like to help keep children's Easters Calorie FREE! So we're offering 25% off all items from our $10 and under category.

Stuff those Easter Baskets with things that last long after the Bunny has made his/her visit!

Use COUPON CODE - EASTER25 to save 25% off the qualifying items! No minimum order required, now thru SUNDAY APRIL 17th at midnight ONLY (EDT).

Also NOTE: Our storefront (and shipping) will be closed Mon (after 10AM), Tues, Wed (April 18-20) so that we may "travel happy" for a few days. Orders placed taking advantage of this offer (which EXPIRES at 12 midnight Sunday) WILL ship out on Monday morning before we leave!! Otherwise, orders will ship THURSDAY, April 21st.

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08 April 2011

Get the whole WORLD in your hands

An inflatable globe! Travel-sized and can be blown up for educational fun (and, if that doesn't work, it'll be ready for the pool or the beach!).

This packs small, and can be taken anywhere. Teach a child about the world and have it 'in your hands' easily!

Tired of the kids tossing it around?? Can be hung from a ceiling as decoration (out of reach :-)
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01 April 2011

Enter to win a Gift Certificate!

We're one of the 63 prizes with a combined value of over $4000 being given away this month on Living my MOMent, a website dedicated to promoting small Mom Businesses.

You could win all kinds of cool stuff including a $30 Gift Certificate from KidsTravelHappy.com (scroll down to listing 45).

Good luck and tell all of your friends to enter as well, so that their "kids travel happy"
TM ! (Entries open through the month of April)
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26 March 2011

Maine Maple Sunday - YUMMY! March 27th

Maine Maple Sunday is always the 4th Sunday in March (although some farms have activities, demonstrations and samples on Saturday as well).

Oh, wait, you're NOT from Maine? What is this we are talking about? Do you kids think that Maple syrup comes from the grocery store? (or, worse yet, they have never had 100% REAL boiled from sap syrup??). If this is the case, Maine Maple Sunday is a great time to get out, educate your kids (and yourself)

In a nutshell, this time of year, when temps are above freezing, sunny and "warm" (well, this is a relative term for Spring conditions here in Maine) during the day, and then dip back down below freezing at night. sap in maple trees can be (literally) tapped and collected in buckets. This sap is then boiled down (at a ratio of approx 40 gallons of sap to make ONE gallon of syrup), and made into syrup.

More info:
Maine Maple Producers Association
  • great description for the sapping process
  • Map of Maple producers
  • history of maple syrup making
  • making and storing syrup
  • recipes (beyond just topping your pancakes!!)
Sites with "open farm info" for Maine Maple Sunday
We're heading here on Sunday (last time we went to MMS here, our youngest was still in my belly!!)
A Wrinkle in Thyme Farm in Sumner (lots of fiber animals to see there too!!)
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19 March 2011

Chicks for Travel and Spring

Thinking SPRING as we await the SUPERMOON tonight along with the arrival of Spring. These cute 'chicks' are a couple of things that come to mind!

First, from ImagiPLAY, a 6-piece wooden puzzle set that can be constructed and then the endless imaginary play the chicks provoke.
  • why are they each in their specific 'positions'?
  • what are they saying to each other?
  • are they brothers and sisters? friends?
  • where are the 'adults'??
Secondly, from The Little Experience, an adorable 'stitch-it' craft kit that makes one chick by sewing it together. This kit contains
  • metal needle
  • brown & yellow floss
  • printed cotton body piece
  • felt pieces
  • felt keyring loop piece
  • keyring
  • stuffing
  • (no scissors needed)
We think the great thing about this kit is that is not only is an activity, there is a product to show, to give, or just to admire when one is done. Adorable (and, available in other styles and kits).

Think SPRING, and use a bit of imagination when you need travel, rainy day, a gift item, or just an arts & crafts activity for home.
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