24 April 2010

Just for Fun - Classic Tin Toy

We've had a fun response from adding this item to our shop. I must say, not a single one has yet to sell online, and more of these Jack-in-the-Boxes have sold to adults (for their own use!), than to adults to give as gifts.

What's the buzz? We're not exactly sure, but as you crank the handle of the tin box, it sings "pop goes the weasel" (well, the tune, not the words), and reliably "Pops" to reveal the sock monkey on the "POP" of the song... brilliant!

OK, so maybe YOU don't REALLY need one for yourself (or, MAYBE you DO?) but surely any young child you know would really enjoy it. The Sock Monkey Jack in the Box is a delight at home or on the go, and you'll be amazed at the range of appeal!

A classic for the bookshelf, or a great gift for the 'soon to be older sibling' at a baby shower
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17 April 2010

Earth Day... needs to be EVERYday

The poor little people of our PLAN TOYS Eco-Town have forgotten to recycle, and as a result it has come back to 'eat' up their trees and green space.

We use this opportunity and play table display to generate awareness on the importance of recycling....

Need more inspiration?
  • Visit a Landfill (via video online) - we feel as though TOO MANY people set their garbage out on the sidewalk for pickup, then forget about it, but where is it actually going??
  • How to Recycle Anything (from Real Simple Magazine) - from Aerosol cans, to crayons, to jet skis, to keys, to Tyvek envelopes and everything else you can imagine
  • Earth911.org is a GREAT resource to help you find things like info about recycling in your town, 40 tips for the 40th Earth Day, how to recycle, and much, much more
We believe there is no excuse for NOT recycling: in today's times it is more and more accessible, recycling centers are user friendly, it's NOT a difficult thing, and it's the right thing to do for our planet and future generations.

Lastly, don't forget to check out our extensive selection of Earth Friendly toys, from companies that put the environment right up there with making a profit.

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10 April 2010

Cat's Cradle, a classic UNplugged Activity

What better way to keep traveling hands busy than the Cat's Cradle book and string from Klutz? As an adult I still enjoy my boys marveling at my childhood acquired string 'skills'. "Make the ladder, mommy", "show me the tea and saucer", "meow.... the kitty whiskers".
The "Book of String Figures" from Klutz consists of a book with instructions for 5 different 'figures', and a 'multi-colored' string. The activities can occupy one or two 'players' depending on the figure.

Pack an extra String, and you'll be ready to pass many, many miles (or, perhaps some rainy days!)

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03 April 2010

ColorMeUp Puzzle & Craft Kits

ColorMeUp Puzzles & Craft Kits from ImagiPLAY are a perfect activity for on-the-go, play at home, or a rainy day. They also make a GREAT gift.

Each Kit comes made out of renewable woods, a paint set, and open-ended painting possibilities. We suggest the puzzle for travel, as it's small enough to pack for any trip. Save the paints in the checked baggage for a fun, creativity inspiring craft activity at the destination.

Check out our website for these sets as well as other Environmentally friendly items from ImagiPLAY, as these sets offer play on many levels, and Stegosaurus is 1/3 off at only $9.99 (while limited supplies last)!

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