29 September 2010

GO.... with Go Baggie Backpacks

The ultimate travel backpack that opens & attaches to a car seat ... ingenious! We feel as though this item was made especially for our site. It's a perfect combination of functional backpack that then attaches to the back of a car seat, opening up to an activity center.

Key features include:
  • fastex buckles on shoulder straps release to secure to back of seat
  • includes a dry erase board (in the sleeve that unzips to come forward), with a dry erase pen with eraser cap
  • many pockets for supplies as well as pockets with crayon/marker/pencil slots to keep things organized
  • insulated lunch bag section
  • grab loop at top
  • adorable patterns and colors
  • 8 specialized compartments
  • padded and adjustable strap for better fit
  • comfortable size (11" L x 13" H x 7" W)
  • Easy to clean lining
  • made of high quality polyester
  • Phthalate-free
  • adjusts to fit most kids 5 - 12 years of age
  • 15 pounds suggested weight

Mention "I read it in your blog" in the order comments and we'll take $5 off any Go Baggie Backpack purchase thru the end of the month of OCTOBER!
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15 September 2010

Custom Activity Kits make 'gifting' Easy

We love telling about our travel adventures (near and far) and we like to think that these journeys have helped us learn how to make the trip more fun and interesting for kids.

Do you have a child or grandchild going on a trip? A niece? Nephew? Friend's family? With the holidays coming up (and inevitably holiday travel, whether it's on a plane or off to grandma's), gift giving can get overwhelming.

Not sure what to get? We'd like to think that we have the answer to this dilemma!

We have designed our exclusive Custom Travel Activity Kits - in our own cinch sack
which start at $49. All you have to do as the purchaser is answer a few questions to give us some ideas on what to pack, including: gender, age, type of travel, categories to include (or NOT to include), any items you definitely want included, and a couple other questions. It just takes a moment and then we do the rest of the work. (and, if you are NOT sure how to answer the questions, let the child do so buy purchasing a KTH Gift Certificate!)

These kits always ship no later than the next business day as we make them from in-stock items. An added bonus is for kits $99 and up they ship FREE (U.S. addresses), and for kits $149 and up you receive a FREE KTH Essentials Kit (more INFO HERE
on that)Don't want to spend a minimum of $49? Well, we also have 'mini' kits that start at $9.99. We can pack this category of custom kits with a fun, economical set of 'classic' toys & games for the budding 'globe trotter' - these also make a great alternative to traditional "Party Favor" bags. (photo is a sample of $9.99 contents)

We've all been in the situation where we hear "I'm bored", "When are we going to get there" etc... These kits are sure to keep these statements to a minimum and will be something to play with LONG after the trip is over. Remember, when "kids travel happy" adults can too!! :-)
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07 September 2010

Keep it Simple... you'll be amazed

After a weekend on an island (this sounds like a bigger story than it actually was....) with 10 adults and 11 kids, we realized how excellent it is NOT to have much for toys and to see what the kids come up with for entertainment. Of course I'd love for KidsTravelHappy to be able to take credit for supplying all (or at least SOME) of the unplugged entertainment for the kids, but nature and seemingly mundane tasks did that for us.

We were amazed at the kids dedication and focus on sawing wood for the fire (with adult supervision of course) - not only was this entertaining, but very purposeful, as the weather was chilly and we used the fire to cook and to gather for warmth and conversation.
A little background.... we were on an island on a lake in Western Maine called Mooselookmeguntic (after some research, we find that the interesting name "Mooselookmeguntic" is said to have come from an ancient Abanaki word, meaning 'portage to the moose feeding place, or moose feeding among the trees.") Ironically, we did see a moose just before we arrived at the lake. The moose had nearly missed a fatal crash with a pickup truck one vehicle ahead of us!

In order to camp on Students Island, one has to paddle a canoe (or other craft) to the island, and transport all the stuff one might want for the extent of time one is there, in our case this was 3 days/2 nights. For us it meant two trips "from the mainland" (an adventure in itself), one with some things, and the kids, the second with the dog and the rest of the supplies, very little of which was toys.
What else did we do? Hike, swim (despite the chilly days), nature walks (older kids guided the younger teaching about trees, mushrooms and more), roast dinner on the fire, run (run, run), play games with 'sticks and stones' (and NO broken bones!).... It makes me happy to see kids do SO much with so little - no beeps, electronics, battery toys, etc. just plain old fun; more like what I remember doing with my friends growing up. Best of all, I'd like to think that the kids will take these memories with them into adulthood. And, with 3 dogs in our group, even they wore each other out (note photo of our black lab mix above, asleep....)

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