30 April 2009

Be creative - Games on the Go

We've all done it. You're in the car (took way longer to get there for some reason), airport delay, stuck in a hotel due to weather... what to do? Bags are packed (missing, already used up the reserve activities..) and "nothing to do".

One of our favorite games in a pinch is the "how many uses for" game. First person gets to pick out something (towel, a trinket from the glove compartment, an item from a handbag etc..), passes it to the next person, who has to come up a 'new' use for it. Then that person hands it to the next person, and they have to come up with a use, and so forth, until someone gets stuck coming up with a 'use' (you can set some period of time, 30 seconds etc.). That person then has to find a new item (or, if your family is competitive, that person gets a 'point', and the person at the end of the game with the least points wins). Of course, coming up with the item's actual use doesn't count.

Looking for 'prop' ideas...
In a Hotel Room
  • Towels
  • Phone Book
  • Pillows
  • Shampoo (is it a magic potion?)
In the Car (dare we admit what has accumulated in our glove compartment.. surely NOT any gloves!)
  • Plastic spoons
  • Extra straws
  • Spare cheap sunglasses (oh, these are great for disguise games!)
  • bandana
  • first aid kit
On an Airplane
  • the 'toss your cookies' bag (make sure it's unused!)
  • beverage cup (especially if you've had to pay for it, re-use and get your moneys worth!)
  • napkins
  • headphones
  • the Sky Mall/In-flight magazine
Handbag (use the items for the shapes to spark imagination, not for their actual uses)
  • Coins
  • lip balm
  • credit card (we usually pull out the health Insurance card, not really a CC)
  • gum pack
  • if you're anything like me, you'll be surprised what you find in there
Of course, our website has all kinds of things to help avoid this 'what do we do' problem, but we thought we'd share our simple game with you!

If we could recommend one item, try a Playsilk from Sarah's Silks, it'll present endless possibilities and it packs in a pocket!
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23 April 2009

Trekaroo - kids. trips. tips

NEW to the web in January of this year, Trekaroo is "the fun way to get the inside scoop on traveling with children. With thousands of kid-friendly activities and places to stay, Trekaroo is the resource for parents to find reviews, get tips, ask questions, and connect with like-minded travelers around the world. Trekaroo exists to be a place where families inspire and equip other families to travel and explore the world."

This site is a perfect place to share your travel experiences, filter through other families' travel experiences, share tips on traveling with kids, book vacations, ask questions or write reviews about your favorite (or not so favorite) places and why.

You can also read Trekaroo's Blog, find them on facebook, or follow them on twitter.

Currently they have a contest going on (we'd LOVE to win!!) - heck, it's worth a try!

We recommend visiting Trekaroo and seeing what you can learn and how fun it can be to contribute. You'll soon be trekking around with your little ones, with the comfort of the experience and knowledge of other families like yours.
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16 April 2009

a KABOOST "little kids sit like big kids"

Have you seen this? (the GREEN thing in the photo to the left). This is one of the coolest inventions we've added to our 'travel gear' offerings, and we're proud to have them at KidsTravelHappy.com.

What is it exactly? Well, I'd call it a spring-loaded, 4-pronged single piece contraption that fits on most types of chairs
. SO, instead of boosting the child IN the seat, the whole seat is BOOSTED.

Best of all, it folds, and the DELUXE version comes with a Travel Bag (or is sold separately, if you are partial to a different color).

We carry the GREEN (in the first photo), a NATURAL, and the CHARCOAL (which is the color that comes with the DELUXE KABOOST).

We just HAD to get one, and trust me, you'll be happy to get rid of the high chair, psyched you can pack it to grandma's house, or throw in the car for any trip to a restaurant. No more small child peering above the edge of the table (no mouth in view... we KNOW where that food is going), and no more "but I want a seat like BIG brother/sister". Brilliant!

A few last "quick facts"/selling points
  • sets up in seconds
  • improves chair stability
  • holds up to 300 pounds
  • stays attached even when you pick up the chair to move it
  • portable - lightweight and compact
  • easy to fold and carry
  • ready to be taken anywhere!
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08 April 2009

Baby Eating a Jug of Bugs?

We LOVE when customers give us reports on the success of the items they purchased from us. Recently we received some customer feedback from a mom of a 6-month old baby girl.

"Just wanted to let you know that the toys that I ordered for our baby are her favorites! We use the bugs from the Bug Jug everyday... the squeaking ladybug cracks her up every time and as you can see from the pictures, the spider and grasshopper are fun to eat.

I love the wooden ring with the red ball in the middle - it's so simple and classic.
I'm so pleased that she loves it, too. She's reached the stage where everything goes in her mouth and the wooden ring is one of her faves."

Lastly, this customer claimed "I'm sure that I'll be placing another order soon as my best friend is having a baby in May. I think that she probably has a bug jug in her future, too!"

The 'Bug Jug Fill and Spill' by Melissa & Doug is a great toy to take on-the-go, or as this baby has illustrated, a perfect every day play! One just never knows what their child will 'grab onto', so to speak (will it be the wooden ring from Plan Toys?). Rest assured, at KidsTravelHappy.com we have hundreds of options, so you're sure to find something for all ages of travelers.

Do you have something you've purchased from us, that you've documented - with fun 'action' photos like these? We'd love to see and to hear all about it! Please email us with your experiences or suggestions, and you may very well see someone YOU recognize in our next BLOG!
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