28 May 2009

New POST on June 1st

Just want folks to know we are going to a last week of the month, 1 week long giveaway, so that the giveaway does not get lost in our weekly blog postings.

New BLOG posting will occur on June 1st along with this month's winner announcement. Thanks for your support!

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14 May 2009

Kids Magnetic Poetry & GIVEAWAY INFO - CLOSED

Magnetic Poetry is traditionally thought of as something fun to clutter up the refrigerator (unless yours is stainless steel, in which case, this will be of particular interest!). Well, if you are inspired to purchase a set for your fridge, that's fine, but we are going to explain how they are a great travel toy (yes, small parts, so NOT for those under 3!).
e key piece to the 'fun with Magnetic Poetry on-the-go' however, is the addition of a Magnetic Board. We carry them in two sizes 9.5 " x 12" (best, in our opinion, for all modes of travel, as it fits easily in a standard-sized kid's backpack) and 12" x 16" (a larger surface, more suited for vehicle travel or home use, or rig it up on a stainless steel fridge and NOT feel out of the loop!)

We carry a variety of Magnetic Poetry items for kids (click on any photo above for more details) OR, see all of our Magnetic Poetry Items HERE
  • ABC 123 has over 1" square pieces with single letters or numbers on them, great for those early spellers
  • Adventure Storymaker (and there's a 'regular' storymaker set too) is the perfect set for those ready become a magnetic 'author'
  • sets that help teach a language (Spanish or French)
  • "in other words" teaches synonyms
  • first words and REALLY BIG words are similar, the major difference being that the REALLY BIG WORDS are physically larger pieces, and more easily maneuvered by small hands. The Really BIG Words also come in their own ready to go tin!
  • the Monsters & Cuties set has pieces to make funny 'cute' monsters, for those not wanting to construct things with words, letters or numbers
Well, we don't want you to entirely have to take our word for it. We want someone to WIN their choice of any of the kits on this page, along with a Magnetic Board, and FREE STANDARD SHIPPING to any U.S. address. (And, if you care to order anything else, we'll extend the FREE SHIPPING offer to the entire order!)

What do you have to do to enter the GIVEAWAY? Simple. Just leave a comment below (if the comment box is not showing, click on # comments)=with your email contact (spell it out if you don't want it to link, for example folks@kidstravelhappy.com = folks at kidstravelhappy dot com). We want to hear which set you would want and why, or tell us what your 'magnetic poetry' story would be about. Each of the photos are linked back to our site so you can check out more details of each.

Thanks for playing and good luck! Winner will be announced on June 1st!

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07 May 2009

Have a Ball - kids of all ages love 'em

This topic occurs to me as I'm siting at the computer and my kids are running out the last of their evening's energy. Balls, any kind, size, or form see to spark the imagination and play of almost any child (or, adult for that matter).

We have a rule in our house about how high a ball can go (knees or below) EXCEPT when we play toss around the living room. It DOES have to be a soft ball, and if anything breakable becomes at risk we DO end the game, but oh what fun. We each choose a corner of the living room, and begin by tossing a couple of balls around. Simple, cheap, nothing to plug in, nothing to do the thinking for you (or the kids). OK, I must say, I couldn't resist and had to join in the fun with "Daddy" and my 2 boys, 3 and 5 years old. This lasted 30 minutes or so, until it was time to get PJs on and transition to bedtime stories, but would've lasted longer had we started earlier.

This got me to thinking, never leave without some sort of ball to pass the time. What can we offer at KidsTravelHappy.com? Here are a few easily packable suggestions....
Another way to make sure your "kids travel happy", and make sure they always "have a ball"!
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